What is Sarah Hurley LIVE!?

Sarah Hurley LIVE! is a one day event for Creative Entrepreneurs and career focused solopreneurs in the creative industries.

At Sarah Hurley LIVE! you will learn new skills, forge new connections, get inspired and come together as a creative community to empower and inspire each other in a trusted group.

Our events are small and focused to make sure everyone gets what they need on the day to go back to their business refreshed and inspired, ready to kickstart change and supercharge your success!

It doesn’t end there though! Every Sarah Hurley LIVE! attendee gets a years membership to the SPARK! Masterclass business programme with ongoing support, first look at opportunities, advice and mentoring as well as access to a private discussion group. You will also get half price access to all future Sarah Hurley LIVE! events.

What to expect at Sarah Hurley LIVE!

Each day has a slightly different schedule (see individual events for the exact schedule) but what you can expect at each Sarah Hurley LIVE! event is…

* One on One mentoring from Sarah during a small group discussion of your creative business peers focused on your individual business. This is a trusted environment to share your concerns, talk through your business plans and receive advice from Sarah and your peers as well as forming a close support network throughout our day together.

* Honest open talks and tips from Sarah on her own experiences of growing a business from her last £40 / $50 to a global seven figure brand and business

* One years free membership to Spark! our business mentoring, education programme and private discussion group

* A network of friends to help you and support you moving forward as you grow your business success

Our USA & Canada events will also feature ‘The Pitch’ giving you the chance to pitch to appear on Create & Craft TV and launch your brand, business or ideas on live TV in front of millions as well as a package of business help and support.



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